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About Master of Public Health

Foster key knowledge and professional skills for a successful career in public health. Whether you’re already involved in public health research, policy, and practice, or are planning a career in those areas, the online Master in Public Health with CBU E-Campus is designed to support your future ambitions.


Year I

Examinable  courses

Non examinable courses

Term 1 

Introduction to  Epidemiology, Data Analysis and Interpretation of epidemiological data 

Biostatistics A

Primary Health Care and Health services in Zambia

Health Promotion, Health and Illness Behaviour

Introduction to Physiology and Pathology of Diseases

Library Resources for Life and Medical Sciences


Term 2

Research Methods in Epidemiology

Research Ethics

Introduction to Health Economic

Biostatistics B

Scientific Writing


Thesis seminars

Term 3

Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology

Environmental and Occupational Health

Maternal and Child Health

Epidemiology of Non Communicable Diseases

 Safety in Laboratory Work 


Thesis seminars

Year II

MPH Dissertation


The Master of Public Health (MPH) is an 18 month programme.


CBU’s online public health masters will provide you with the foundational knowledge, subject-specific expertise, specialized skills, and global network needed to forge the career you want in public health. Whether you are a medical doctor, an established public health professional, or new to the field of public health, our master of public health degree program will provide you with the right combination of advanced theoretical and practical public health knowledge and a specialized focus to meet your individual goals.Designed with busy health professionals in mind, the 24/7 accessible coursework will provide you with an ideal foundation to grow into an effective public health professional.

Tuition and Fees

Master of Public Health

Admissions Requirements

Master of public health prerequisites include obtaining credits in at least five subjects in the Zambian School Certificate or its equivalent as follows:

1. English

2. Mathematics / Additional Mathematics

3. Any two or three subjects from the following:



-Physical Science / Science

-Biology / Agricultural Science or Botany


Requirements for a masters degree in public health include:

1 . Medicine (MBChB) or its equivalent.

2 . Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine.

3 . Bachelor’s degree in health-related sciences (as a BSc requirement) including any biological or life sciences related BSc with credit or higher.

4 . Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (BA or BSc) with Merit or higher and some health service experience.


What is a Master of Public Health?

A Master of Public Health (MPH) is a professional graduate degree designed to train students to effectively protect and improve the health of communities globally. 

Is a Masters in Public Health Worth it?

Yes, it is! Some of the most prominent master of public health benefits include incredible salary potential and job opportunities after graduation. On top of that, you get to develop a greater voice in the field and in turn, can have a greater impact on the world.

What Can You do With a Masters in Public Health?

Some of the most common careers with a masters in public health include Healthcare Administrator, Dietician and Nutritionist, Epidemiologist, Registered Nurse, Social and Community Service Manager, Mental Health Counselor, Medical Records and Health Information Technician.

Does Public Health Pay Well?

You bet! Masters in public health jobs are quite lucrative. If we exclude IT management positions in healthcare, Medical and Health Services Managers are the next best-paid public health workers with a median salary of $104,280 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Can You Get an MPH Online?

The online Master of Public Health (MPH) program offered by the Copperbelt University is designed to provide high-quality public health specialists in Zambia who meet the highest quality standards in the practice of public health in the region and worldwide. 

Is CBU’s Master of Public Health Degree Accredited?

You don’t have to worry as the Copperbelt University is both accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Zambia, under the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013.

Can I Finish This Programme if I Work Full-Time?

Absolutely! Our online masters in economic policy comes in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy lifestyle.

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