Master of Peace and Conflict Studies

Offering (1) Unique Specialisation

The 100% Online Master in Peace and Conflict Studies from The Copperbelt University teaches you

methods and problem solving skills for conflict resolutions and negotiations.

Master of Business Administration

Offering (2) Unique Specialisations

Learn the skills and expertise essential to get a rewarding career, advance your career or to make an impact in your existing profile

with the 100% Online MBA General. Understand how to approach key business administration concepts including Accounts, Analytics,

Communications etc., and gain insights about how to run a business effectively.

M.S. Accounting and Finance

The 100% Online MSc in Accounting and Finance with The Copperbelt University offers a unique knowledge and

skills necessary to pursue a professional career in accounting, financial services or related sectors of the economy.

M.S. Project Management

The 100% Online MSc in Project Management with The Copperbelt University will prepare you for a leadership role to plan, oversee and run a project successfully. You will gain an in-depth knowledge and skills in project planning, control, finance, and management of any project from

Postgraduate Diploma in Education Leadership

and Teaching Methodology

Covers how Reflective learning, guided reading, and interactive approaches will promote greater autonomy and accountability, which in turn will lead to positive learning experiences while meeting the needs of adult learners. You can learn all this and more 100% Online at your own pace, giving you ample flexibility and convenience to complete the program while on the job.


Message from the Director

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Open Distance Education of The Copperbelt University. We are a dynamic university community consisting of students from all parts of Zambia and an increasing number of international students. As a leading institution in ODL in Zambia, DDEOL is proud of its academic excellence and the contributions of its highly qualified lecturers and researchers in a quest to provide quality education to all. If you are looking for quality ODE and want to discover and create new knowledge that will help make a difference in your community, then The Copperbelt University is a place where you can excel. Our degrees and diplomas are internationally recognized and are sought after in the job market because employers and industry experts know that they can rely on the quality of The Copperbelt University graduates.

Dr. Donald Chungu

-Dr. Donald Chungu

DDEOL Director

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